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Lemon Glazed Gingerbread for a Crowd


 This lemon glazed gingerbread recipe turns gingerbread into the perfect spring and summer dessert. This is a one-bowl cake that feeds a crowd. This cake has everything I love about a classic gingerbread. It is beautifully spiced, has a lovely texture and tastes even better after a day or two. […]

Green Living

What Not to Put in the Trash


 Last year I wrote a lot about keeping recyclables and compostables out of the trash bin. The landfill isn’t a bottomless pit and each time it fills up the cost of waste management increases. Diverting items that can go elsewhere just makes financial sense. Of course it makes environmental sense […]

Christmas, Cookies

Easiest Whole Grain Shortbread Cookies Five Ways


 Easiest whole grain shortbread cookies are wholesome and delicious made with stone ground whole wheat, spelt or rye flour. I’m always on a mission to make good food better in a healthy sort of way. My cupboard is filled with more than a dozen different kinds of flour and when […]

one bowl big batch brownies

Mom’s One-Bowl Big-Batch Brownies


  One-bowl, big-batch brownies have a cake-like texture and a rich chocolate flavour. This easy recipe makes a 9″ x 13″ pan.    When I was growing up mom was always on the hunt for big-batch recipes. With seven kids they were the only recipes that could last more than […]