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low fat high fibre bran muffins

Low Fat High Fibre Bran Muffins


  This recipe for low fat, high fibre bran muffins is an old recipe of my mom’s. This is a coarse textured muffin and not too sweet. Raisins are optional. If you love muffins that make you think of cake, these low fat bran muffins are not for you. These […]

Easy braised red cabbage

Two Simple Cabbage Recipes You’ll Love


  These two simple cabbage recipes – braised red cabbage and buttery sauteed Savoy cabbage – add vegetable variety to your dinner plate.   So many reasons to love cabbage I think that cabbage is the most underrated vegetable. It gets dismissed, or forgotten, or ignored. People are convinced that […]


Sticky Toffee Pudding & Molasses Caramel Sauce


  Sticky toffee pudding is a rich, light textured cake, served warm with a decadent toffee sauce. It really is a special treat that isn’t overly complicated to make. I received an email the other day from a woman I know who happened upon a copy of my recipe for […]