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Magic Spice Blend for Chicken, Fish & Vegetables

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 Sprinkle Magic Spice Blend liberally on salmon, haddock, shrimp, chicken, cauliflower, zucchini, green beans, Brussels sprouts, potatoes… Back when we were in university my twin brother and I enjoyed an overnight visit with family friends who had just moved to a town near our school. It was right after exams […]

zucchini meat balls
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Vegetarian Zucchini “Meat” Balls


  Vegetarian zucchini “meat” balls can be a main dish meal or vegetable side dish.    Zucchini meat balls – faux meatballs with great versatility One time my sister went to a potluck to which almost everyone had brought meatballs. They were likely all variations of sweet and sour meatballs, […]


Double Ginger Caramel No-Churn Ice Cream


  Double Ginger Caramel No-Churn Ice Cream: An easy no-churn recipe that combines the lovely flavours of powdered and candied ginger with a rich caramel sauce.  When I was very little I remember listening for the ice cream truck. I don’t recall ever seeing an ice cream truck in my neighbourhood […]