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Carrot cabbage slaw with greens


  Carrot cabbage slaw is one of my favourite salads that I keep reinventing. This variation includes greens, either beet greens or chard (two of my favourites) but not only the leafy part. I love the crunch of finely-diced stems so toss them in too. In a good sized bowl combine […]

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Garlic scapes – so abundant, but not for long!


  This is the first year that I have successfully grown garlic (I think) so I have an abundance of scapes in my fridge. Scapes are an early summer treat, with a sweet pungency that works in almost any dish. Raw or cooked they have a true garlic taste that […]


Roasted vegetable orzo


 During summer I prefer smaller pasta shapes and more veggies than noodles in my cold salads. If you’re like me, feel free to increase the amount of roasted vegetables in this dish. What I love most about this salad is the dressing. Sometimes a plain lemon-olive oil dressing is just […]


Summer is for salads


 All of my favourite salad dressings, fit for greens and grains… Bridget’s House dressing 1 2/3 cups of olive oil or grape seed oil4 T vinegar (cider, sherry, white or red wine vinegar)3 T honey or maple syrup1 t sea saltFreshly ground pepper. I put everything into a mason jar, […]