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Garlic scapes – so abundant, but not for long!

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This is the first year that I have successfully grown garlic (I think) so I have an abundance of scapes in my fridge. Scapes are an early summer treat, with a sweet pungency that works in almost any dish. Raw or cooked they have a true garlic taste that doesn’t overwhelm so I find myself nibbling on raw bits while I chop them for a dish.

Add them to homemade salsa or guacamole, green and grain salads, cooked dishes…anything that’s suited to garlic. And then put a few in a vase on the kitchen table to admire their swirling grace.


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  1. I was first tipped off about your site through Laura Calder, a woman who inspired me with the cooking program and books. I just love her:) I was fascinated by your side, too, likes the way you write and the wonderful tips and of course recipes. I try: to be much more conscious about how I can live the best possible health good life. I changed the diet several years ago and can say that life has both become lighter, more healthy and more positive living.

    I have added you to my favorites


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