Carrot cabbage slaw with greens


Carrot cabbage slaw is one of my favourite salads that I keep reinventing. This variation includes greens, either beet greens or chard (two of my favourites) but not only the leafy part. I love the crunch of finely-diced stems so toss them in too.

In a good sized bowl combine the following:

2 cups grated carrots (use the bigger holes on your box grater)
2 cups thinly-sliced red cabbage (I use a flat cheese slicer to make my cabbage thin and ribbony)
1-2 cups chopped Swiss Chard or beet greens, including finely diced stems
Toss with this basic dressing:

1/3 cup olive oil

2T cider vinegar or white wine vinegar (or your current favourite)

1 1/2 T maple syrup (or honey)

1/2 t salt

ground pepper

Before serving, squeeze half a lemon over the slaw and add the zest of one lemon. (Hint: zest before squeezing – it’s much easier.)

Walnuts are yummy sprinkled over too.

Adding 1/3 cup currants (softened for a bit in the lemon juice) is another great addition.


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