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Whole Roasted Red Onions are Sweet and Delicious


  Whole-roasted onions are flavourful and lovely to look at. I can’t resist red onions, especially when they’re just out of the garden. They’re at the farmers markets right now and not too big so great for roasting whole. Not only does roasting onions make them sweet and soft on the […]


Carrot cabbage slaw with greens


  Carrot cabbage slaw is one of my favourite salads that I keep reinventing. This variation includes greens, either beet greens or chard (two of my favourites) but not only the leafy part. I love the crunch of finely-diced stems so toss them in too. In a good sized bowl combine […]

Green Living

Garlic scapes – so abundant, but not for long!


  This is the first year that I have successfully grown garlic (I think) so I have an abundance of scapes in my fridge. Scapes are an early summer treat, with a sweet pungency that works in almost any dish. Raw or cooked they have a true garlic taste that […]


Roasted vegetable orzo


  During summer I prefer smaller pasta shapes and more veggies than noodles in my cold salads. If you’re like me, feel free to increase the amount of roasted vegetables in this dish. What I love most about this salad is the dressing. Sometimes a plain lemon-olive oil dressing is […]