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Homemade graham crackers – great for s’mores


  These crackers are perfect for campfire s’mores or as a crispy nibble alongside a cup of tea. As a child I loved graham crackers. I wasn’t wild about the cardboard texture but found the sweet graham flavour irresistible.  Nothing compares to the homemade version, especially with New Brunswick’s own Speerville […]

Appetizers, Vegetables

Tomato Tartlets with Goat’s Cheese Crust


  Flakey pastry made with goat’s cheese is the perfect base for fresh tomato tartlets. Tomato Tartlets with Goat’s Cheese Crust This time of year there is nothing like fresh tomatoes. Field ripened, they’re sweet and juicy so perfect for this yummy tart.  We have eaten it as a nibble while […]


Whole Roasted Red Onions are Sweet and Delicious


  Whole-roasted onions are flavourful and lovely to look at. I can’t resist red onions, especially when they’re just out of the garden. They’re at the farmers markets right now and not too big so great for roasting whole. Not only does roasting onions make them sweet and soft on the […]