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French Vegetable Soup (Soup au pistou)


 This is a soup to pull you out of winter. It’s warming but has a light, fresh feel, unlike hearty winter soups. My mom spent Easter in Paris, an 80th birthday gift from all of us kids and proof that you needn’t outgrow your sense of adventure. For much of […]

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Tuscan Minestrone Soup with Kale and Cabbage


Tuscan Minestrone Soup is full of kale and cabbage along with beans and carrots. Tuscan minestrone soup makes a hearty meal on a winter day. Don’t you just love minestrone soup. It’s substantial and full of texture with all of those beans and vegetables. Just when I thought a-minestrone-soup-is-a-minestrone-soup I came across […]

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How to make homemade pasta the easy way


 Making homemade pasta is easier than you think & delicious results make it worth the effort. Simple four-ingredient homemade pasta  makes for much family fun in the kitchen.The Christmas of 1984 mom received a pasta maker as a gift from my brother and sister. They were both living in […]