Month: November 2017

kale dusted popcorn
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Kale Dusted Parmesan Popcorn


The kale dust is also good sprinkled over salad, on eggs, mac and cheese and just about anything else you might be serving for supper. I have had inconsistent success feeding other people’s children. Years ago a friend of my son’s got in the habit of asking what was for […]

Green Living

Why You Shoulld Avoid Artificial Sweeteners


Do you have diet pop in your fridge? Sugar-free gum in your purse? A new widely reported study suggests that you might want to toss them in the garbage. The study by a Manitoba researcher published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal once again raises doubts about whether or not […]


Old Fashioned Sticky Date Pudding Recipe

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Sticky Date Pudding: a self-saucing pudding cake with a rich butterscotch flavour. Made with stone ground flour and organic dates.  Throughout high school I had a job working at Shadow Lawn Inn. It was owned by Jean and Willie Ward at the time and I presume I was hired because my […]

pumpkin vinaigrette

Easy Pumpkin Vinaigrette


Homemade pumpkin salad dressing (aka pumpkin vinaigrette) is so simple to make that you might decide never to buy store bought salad dressing again.  Every Thanksgiving Sunday at our big family gathering we have an afternoon pumpkin carving. It’s an annual tradition for my kids and nieces and nephews, and […]