Recipes for satisfying soups and stews, mostly vegetarian.

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Mom’s Lentil Sausage Soup from Ina Garten


Lentil sausage soup is a hearty meal with great flavour and texture. The no-sausage vegetarian version is delicious too. We always joked that my dad was the reluctant vegetarian. Lentils were not his preferred food, although he could eat canned peas so go figure. One time mom was away he […]

Lentils, Soups, Vegetarian

Roasted red pepper lentil soup


 This soup is flavourful, has great texture and takes all of 30 minutes to make. You simply throw everything in a pot at once and cook until tender.   My mom has a way with soup. She has some of the best recipes and she still makes enough to feed […]