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Mediterranean Thickening Sauce for Soup


 Mediterranean thickening sauce adds texture and depth of flavour to soups. We are a soup family. Through the fall and winter hearty soups are on the menu at our house more than any other dish. Many of the soups I make are tomato based (making use of all the […]

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How to make homemade pasta the easy way


 Making homemade pasta is easier than you think & delicious results make it worth the effort. Simple four-ingredient homemade pasta  makes for much family fun in the kitchen.The Christmas of 1984 mom received a pasta maker as a gift from my brother and sister. They were both living in […]


Sweet and Crunchy Freezer Pickle Recipe is Quick & Easy


Freezer pickles are the easiest pickle recipe out there. They’re barely cooked then bottled & stored in the freezer. This recipe makes a sweet pickle that maintains its crunch. When I was growing up fall was pickling season in our house. We’d arrive home from school in October to the […]