Recipes that call for lentils and pulses.

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Mom’s Lentil Sausage Soup from Ina Garten


Lentil sausage soup is a hearty meal with great flavour and texture. The no-sausage vegetarian version is delicious too. We always joked that my dad was the reluctant vegetarian. Lentils were not his preferred food, although he could eat canned peas so go figure. One time mom was away he […]

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Healthy (ish) Tahini Lentil Snack Cake


 With lentils, tahini and whole grain flour this snack cake combines the nutritious with the delicious. It’s school-lunch-friendly too. Sometimes I expect more from a cake. Sure, I want a cake that satisfies with just the right sweetness and texture. But sometimes I’d like a little more from my baking […]

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Meatless Monday: Phil’s Lentil Soup


This speedy soup makes a great supper on a busy weeknight. Community cookbooks are a treasure trove of great recipes.  You can pretty much guarantee that anyone who submits a recipe to be published with their name attached will choose carefully. As a result these recipe collections contain everyone’s family […]