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Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers: Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Eco friendly stocking stuffers: ideas for everyone on your list

From edible gifts to truly practical items, eco-friendly stocking stuffers are easy to find and come in all sorts of price ranges.

We don’t do a lot of gift giving at Christmas these days, and many of the gifts that we do give are charitable donations instead of stuff. It’s a meaningful way to simplify the season and takes us all back to the roots of the holiday.

One of the pieces of gift giving that we still embrace wholeheartedly though is stockings. A stuffed sock has always been my favourite gift to give and to receive. I love the variety and the lack of pressure since it offers more opportunities to find little gifts that are just right.

The one challenge with stockings is that it can be easy to fill them with all sorts of useless disposable stuff. Much like birthday party loot bags, Christmas stockings can end up filled with items that get stuffed in a drawer or box, and eventually make their way to the landfill.

Keeping stocking stuffers fun, practical, sustainable and special is less of a challenge than you might think. From edible gifts to truly practical items, eco-friendly stocking stuffers are easy to find and come in all sorts of price ranges.

As you search around the stores (or online) to do your Holiday shopping, think about how you can make your gifts more sustainable and meaningful.

Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers:

  • For the person who loves to cook: Edible gifts like special jams, spreads and pickles. Specialty salts and spice blends. High quality olive oils and vinegars. Stainless steel measuring cups and spoons.
  • For the person who loves warm cosy drinks: A handmade mug and organic coffee or tea to go with it. Locally-roasted, sustainably-sourced coffee is another option, or compostable coffee pods. 
  • For the health enthusiast: Wholesome energy bars and protein snacks. Good quality porridge oats and hearty breakfast foods like Speerville Flour Mill New Found Oatmeal, Made With Local “loaded oats” or “Holy Crap” cereal products ( 
  • For chocolate lovers: Choose quality over quantity. Fair trade, organic chocolate bars. Look for Just Us chocolate, blended in Nova Scotia or splurge on Peace By Chocolate (, specialty chocolates handmade by Syrian refugees who have settled in Antigonish Nova Scotia.
  • Practical gadgets like compact screwdrivers, pocket knives, and multi-purpose tools are great for people of (almost) all ages.
  • Non-toxic personal care items like Green Beaver toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm and hair care products. Natural shaving soap and a shaving brush. 
  • And everyone can use good quality woolen socks. 

These are just ideas that come up in our house so may not all be relevant in your household. But you get the idea – It is conscientious stocking stuffer shopping rather than a mad rush to simply fill up the sock. Keeping this approach in mind for all of your Holiday shopping will help to make giving and receiving more meaningful during the Christmas season.


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