Toonies for Tummies and Healthy Breakfast Ideas


February 5th to 19th 2015 make a $2 donation at your local grocery store and help provide breakfast for a needy child.

Have you ever gone to school or to work hungry? Trying to concentrate on an empty stomach isn’t easy. Can you imagine what it must be like for kids who go to school hungry day after day?

One in six Canadian children goes to school hungry. That’s why breakfast programs are so important – kids can’t learn on an empty stomach.

A $2 donation can go a long way when it comes to providing kids with a nourishing breakfast:
The average cost of a nutritious breakfast provided by breakfast programs is just under $2, so when you give a toonie at the cash when you’re getting groceries, you’ll be helping to fill a child’s belly.

For your contribution you’ll receive a coupon booklet that includes coupons from participating sponsor companies (available while quantities last.)



Participating grocery stores in Atlantic Canada:

Sobeys & Foodland, Coop Atlantic, and Colemans & Powells ‘s Supermarkets in NL.
Or you can donate directly on the Grocery Foundation’s donations page

Your donation will stay in your community…

In Atlantic Canada Toonies for Tummies supports Boy’s and Girls’ Clubs and Breakfast Club of Canada. In other regions the program supports the Ontario Student Nutrition Program, Breakfast Club of Canada and Breakfast for Learning

Want to see how far your toonie has gone? Check out the Grocery Foundation Toonie Tracker

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Home:

It takes effort to ensure my kids eat a hearty breakfast before heading off to school. They’re not big lunch eaters either so it’s even more important that they have a big breakfast.

The biggest challenge isn’t so much a lack of time, it’s that they don’t know what they feel like eating. Unlike supper, breakfast isn’t set in our house. They get to choose.

Here are some options that are always on the breakfast menu at our house:

1. “Dipping” egg – a soft boiled egg (3 minute) with whole grain toast fingers.

Soft boiled egg with toast fingers

2. Breakfast Bagel – a speedy cheese omelet on a toasted bagel.

3. Porridge with grated apple, golden flax and honey (or maple syrup or molasses.)


4. Sun Sandwich – Sunflower seed butter, honey & hempseed sandwich (or tahini-honey-hempseed sandwich).

A Toonie is all it takes to feed a tummy, donate to help end child hunger.


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