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Speerville Flour Mill – celebrating local food


Speerville Flour Mill in New Brunswick mills NB-grown wheat and other local grains.
I’m a great fan of Speerville Flour Mill.
Speerville Flour Mill is a New Brunswick-based business that produces a wide variety of flours and other grain products (oats, corn, buckwheat and more), much of which is organic. It’s thanks to them that we’re able to buy flour made with New Brunswick-grown wheat and rolled oats that are grown and processed locally.
Speerville Flour Mill has created a farm-to-table link that makes it easy for Maritimers to buy from our farmers, which means access to some of the highest quality flour and other grain products available anywhere. They’re helping to keep our local farmers farming and Maritimers eating well. 

This is significant.

More and more of the food we depend on comes from faraway places and as a region we’re losing the ability to feed ourselves. This will become more of an issue when you consider the increasing cost of transportation and the fact that some of the major growing regions of North America have experienced drought and other extreme weather.  Grain prices in particular have been on the rise and there is no reason to believe that other food products won’t continue to become more expensive as well.  

This brings me back to our good fortune of having a local supplier of quality food in our own back yard. 

That’s why I was miffed and discouraged by Sobey’s recent decision to stop carrying Speerville Flour Mill products. Sobey’s has effectively shut these Maritime grain farmers out of their stores and made if that much harder for their customers to buy a variety of local products. 

Meanwhile the buy-local movement continues its momentum and is creating great opportunities for businesses to champion local growers for mutual benefit. Witness the success of Cochran’s Country Market, Kredel’s Corner Market and the explosion in popularity of farmer’s markets everywhere. We’re all becoming more aware of local food and many are willing to spend more of their grocery dollars supporting all things home grown. 

If you want to eat well in every sense of the word, look for Speerville Flour Mill products at local markets:  Cochran’s Country Market in Rothesay, Kredel’s Corner Market in Hampton, and at Super Store locations. 

If you like to buy your dry goods in large quantities consider buying directly from Speerville Flour Mill. If you order 300 pounds or $600 worth you qualify for free shipping. It sounds like a lot but if you join with a few families you might be surprised how quickly it adds up when you’re ordering a few months’ supply of flours, grains, oils, dried fruit, seeds, pastas, beans, coffee, tea, nut butters, vinegars, baking mixes and more.  (Speerville Flour Mill offers a huge range of grocery items). 

If you believe in buying local, supporting NB-based growers and producers like Speerville Flour Mill is one way to shop with your conscience and belly in mind.

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