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Broiled Avocado with chili powder, lime and sharp cheddar

Avocado with chili powder, lime and sharp cheddar broiled until bubbly
Avocado layered with chili powder, lime and sharp cheddar then broiled until bubbly.

I love avocado but never got very creative with it. Beyond adding chunks to salads, layering slices in sandwiches and mashing it with lime in guacamole I hadn’t ever done anything else with it. But then my husband came across this idea in an Eating Well magazine.

I’ll tell you, if avocado is your thing then this simple idea will have you hooked…

Avocado recipe with chili powder, lime and sharp cheddar

  1. Take one ripe avocado, slice it in half lengthwise and remove the pit.
  2. Score each half in a crisscross fashion, slicing right down to the peel.
  3. Squeeze over lime juice (about 1 tsp per half), sprinkle with chili powder (just a few pinches for each half or to taste) and layer on grated sharp cheddar or your favourite sharp cheese. We use about 2 Tbsp per half. Feel free to use more, or less, depending on your preference.
  4. Then fire the dressed halves under the broiler until the cheese is bubbling and starting to brown.
  5. enjoy while hot.

Serves 2


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