Roasted carrots are sweet and delicious

Roasted root vegetables are hearty and warming.

Local carrots are so sweet and flavorful that I dread the thought of going back to grocery store carrots once winter arrives. I stocked up at the Kingston Market, hoping to store them at least into January (if we don’t eat them all up before Christmas).

Through the winter I often roast carrots with beets and parsnips. They make a pretty veggie side dish that’s hearty and warming.

Roasted root vegetables:
Chop your vegetables a uniform size, toss with enough olive oil to make them slippery, add herbs, some cloves of garlic, salt & pepper and spread in a large baking pan. Roast at 350 until they’re easily pierced with a fork (20-30 min). It helps to toss them a few times during cooking. Dab with butter and toss again before serving. (You can slip the skins off the beets after they’re cooked.)


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